High quality flour mill in India

Posted On Tuesday,January 16th,2018

Considering the rising number of food manufacturers across the country, consumers have become conscious about the quality of food they intake. Every consumer has a habit of checking the ingredients listed on top of the packet in order to gain an insight into the calories and the type of ingredients they will be consuming. To meet the changing demands of the consumers, a flour mill in India offers high quality flour which is suitable for daily consumption and is pure and nutritious. The flour has been manufactured using the latest technology and state of the art machinery.

A pioneer in the industry, Pmark caters to a large number of households on a regular basis. The flour mill manages to produce the best quality flour by ensuring consistent supervision and allowing no chance of compromise. It offers a wide range of products which are easily available in both retail and online stores across the country.  The products are pure, healthy and highly nutritious. Considered as a household name, P Mark has gone through a transition in the last four decades, it has adopted the latest technology and invested in high end machinery to meet the mass demands and maintain the quality of flour. Such efforts translate into making Pmark’s flour mill not only the best in the state of Jammu and Kashmir but in the whole of India.

P Mark’s processing technology ensures that only the finest wheat goes through the entire process of refining and packaging. The professional team at the flour mill maintains constant supervision and only after a thorough quality check, the products are ready to be dispatched. The flour mill in Jammu maintains a clean and hygienic production space in order to meet the standards of food and safety. Even the packaging is carried out without human intervention so that there is no scope of contamination. High end machinery is used for every process of production and the entire team works ethically to maintain high quality.

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