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Posted On Monday,May 15th,2017

Since the progression in technology, there are many machines that are available in the market to aid in grinding wheat to produce fine quality flour. Cereals and grains have always been a part of our daily lives for many years. Wheat is an essential cereal grain from which wheat flour is made. Wheat flour is an important staple for Indians. As per records India alone consumed about 95100000 MT of wheat flour in the year 2016.

P Mark brings in a wide array of products for its customers right from Chakki Atta, Sooji, Maida, Besan, Daliya, and Bran .  The high-quality machines used at P Mark are designed to produce leading quality flour. The products produced by us are quite environmentally friendly and ecological. Keeping hygiene as our number one priority, P Mark products have consistently shown superior quality. In order to keep it germs free, we make sure that it is untouched by the human hand. P Mark thoroughly obeys the safety standards and regulations that have been set as per the ISO 22000-2500 norms and FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). 

P Mark, one of the most renowned flour millers in India with its top class machinery, best operating systems, in-depth research facilities, quality control, and inspection, a dedicated team and world-class services. We are a trusted brand in India with innumerable number of customers throughout India from lower middle class families to the Upper income group. The products offered by P Mark are available in packets of different shapes, sizes, and varieties. These products can be bought in different weights ranging from 500 grams to 50 kgs. Furthermore, the healthy and mouth-watering products offered by us help in improving the immune system and give nutrients for a healthy body.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we are always eager to learn and improve. This can be seen our product range constantly gets upgraded to better hygiene standards we are now looking to acquire FSSC 22000 which is a European standard of hygiene. As long as we believe that these efforts will result in higher quality products we try to adopt it as soon as possible. We are one of the most prominent wheat flour suppliers in and around Punjab, Himachal, and Jammu and Kashmir.

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