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  • PMark ensures you never compromise on the quality of food you intake

    Posted On Tuesday,December 12th,2017
    We all are aware about the famous quote, “Health is Wealth”. Although we do agree to it, we rarely pay attention to what affects our health the most. Our daily food intake makes a lot... Read More
  • P mark makes sure to serve the best flour to every consumer

    Posted On Wednesday,November 29th,2017
    In olden days, people used traditional stone mills for the production flour from wheat. With the advances in technology and the innovation in different fields, it has become possible to replace the stone mills with... Read More
  • How healthy is your flour?

    Posted On Tuesday,November 21st,2017
    Wheat is a common diet across the globe and is high in demand due to the health benefits. Wheat is consumed in various forms and is easily available in all the countries. It is a... Read More
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  • Check out this 125 years old Panchakki (atta chakki run by water) at Fatehpur Pundri (Haryana)

    Posted On Wednesday,August 30th,2017
    Check out this 125 years old Panchakki (atta chakki run by water) at Fatehpur Pundri (Haryana), established during the British Rule in 1890, currently maintained and run by the irrigation department. Read More
  • P MARK Vitamin Plus Chakki Aata

    Posted On Tuesday,June 20th,2017
    Your favourite Chakki Atta is now enriched with addition of vitamins & minerals for you and your family’s health. Read More
  • Campaign For Pmark Chakki Atta 2011 With Simmi Sakhuja

    Posted On Saturday,May 21st,2016
  • Campaign For Vitamin Plus Chakki Atta Spot 1

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  • Campaign For Vitamin Plus Chakki Atta Spot 2

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P mark’s help in 2014 floods india pakistan

Posted On Saturday,May 21st,2016
P mark's help in 2014 floods india pakistan. P mark was actively helping out victims with foods and other essential amenities that were required by the people to be able to reinitiate their lives. Read More
P Mark Award

FSSAI Announces a Special Food Fortification Champion Award for Nav Bharat Flour Mills

Posted On Thursday,August 03rd,2017
P Mark, one of the most renowned flour millers in India, manifest top class machinery and operating systems, in-depth research facilities, quality control and inspection, a dedicated team, and world class services, thus substantiating their... Read More

P Mark Train Cleaning Section Staff on Importance of Cleaning Wheat

Posted On Tuesday,August 29th,2017
Nav Bharat Flour Mill, Jammu, 29th August 2017. P Mark keeps having a training session to abreast its staff/employees about the latest technologies in wheat processing and quality. Today there was a training session about... Read More