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  • Baker’s Dozen – History and True Essence

    Posted On Wednesday,August 09th,2017
    ‘Baker’s Dozen' can be related to giving more to bring a smile on people’s faces. Giving 13 instead of 12 in a dozen by bakers to their customers is an age old practice but many... Read More
  • Stay Healthy by using P Mark Products

    Posted On Monday,May 15th,2017
    Since the progression in technology, there are many machines that are available in the market to aid in grinding wheat to produce fine quality flour. Cereals and grains have always been a part of our... Read More
  • PMark Products

    Stay Vigorous with P Mark Products

    Posted On Wednesday,April 26th,2017
    Ever since the advancement in technology, there are innumerable tools that are available in the market that offer various dazzling features that help in grinding excellent wheat to produce fine-quality flour. Cereals and grains have... Read More
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  • P MARK Vitamin Plus Chakki Aata

    Posted On Tuesday,June 20th,2017
    Your favourite Chakki Atta is now enriched with addition of vitamins & minerals for you and your family’s health. Read More
  • Campaign For Pmark Chakki Atta 2011 With Simmi Sakhuja

    Posted On Saturday,May 21st,2016
  • Campaign For Vitamin Plus Chakki Atta Spot 1

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  • Campaign For Vitamin Plus Chakki Atta Spot 2

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  • Campaign For Vitamin Plus Radio.

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P mark’s help in 2014 floods india pakistan

Posted On Saturday,May 21st,2016
P mark's help in 2014 floods india pakistan. P mark was actively helping out victims with foods and other essential amenities that were required by the people to be able to reinitiate their lives. Read More
P Mark Award

FSSAI Announces a Special Food Fortification Champion Award for Nav Bharat Flour Mills

Posted On Thursday,August 03rd,2017
P Mark, one of the most renowned flour millers in India, manifest top class machinery and operating systems, in-depth research facilities, quality control and inspection, a dedicated team, and world class services, thus substantiating their... Read More