P Mark Train Cleaning Section Staff on Importance of Cleaning Wheat

Posted On Tuesday,August 29th,2017

Nav Bharat Flour Mill, Jammu, 29th August 2017.

P Mark keeps having a training session to abreast its staff/employees about the latest technologies in wheat processing and quality. Today there was a training session about the importance of cleaning of wheat. A team had come from the head office to give a lecture to the cleaning section staff about the importance of cleaning of wheat.

Below is a summary of the lecture given :

Why should one clean wheat?

This question might seem rhetorical but its not. It was discussed that wheat in India comes from varied parts of the country from various fields and warehouses which are not very hygienic and are transported in trucks hence have lots contaminants.

As a well-trusted company, we need to make sure that people buy our products knowing well enough that the product they hold in their hands is made with the best ingredients money can buy. It is a moral and legal duty of our company to ensure that if we are selling wheat flour it should be free from contaminants and other grains which might have come to the mill due to the nature of the business.

Some points on why P Mark takes great care  :

1)Its P Marks moral duty to clean the wheat to keep the integrity of the product being sold.

2)Its P Marks legal duty to clean the wheat as we don’t want to break the law. Our company is proud to say that we not only following the legal guidelines from FSSAI ( Food safety and stands authority of India ) but also following ISO 22000:2008 along with FSSC 22000 which is world standard .

Further it was addressed that being good can have its economic benefits.

Economic Benefits of being honest to the customer :

1)P Marks‘ quality is impeccable and this is due to the reason that we are able to clean the wheat completely and make it free from foreign grains and contaminants . This leads to product being well accepted in the market and demanding  a premium from the quality conscious customers.

2)Being quality conscious reduces the breakdowns in the plant. This is due to the fact cleaning of wheat completely would include taking out iron tramps/ filings  which would otherwise break the rolls or damage flour mill machinery. This is unacceptable for a plant to be profitable.

3)There is another angle to cleaning foreign materials in the plant which is to ensure proper flow of the material. The finished material flows in pipes pneumatically with huge suction fans inside the plant or through gravity. If the finished goods are of different densities i.e with material other than wheat we can have a problem with flow in the process. These cause more problems in the form of jams or by sticking to the pipes causing unplanned shutdowns.

The session was received with lots of enthusiasm by the company employees and there are many sessions like this to come in the future.

For more information:

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