Our Principles

Our Work

Quality food products require unwavering dedication to quality at every level of operation – from inspecting wheat and buying it, through transport, storage, processing, packaging and distribution. Our decades of experience in wheat and wheat products have taught us that the journey is a never-ending one - there are always new facts to learn, new practices to implement, and more sophisticated and productive machinery to install.

We pride ourselves in being open to learning, willing to change, eager to verify - as long as we believe these efforts will result in higher quality products that are meaningful to our consumers.

Recognising that consumer expectations, too, are always changing, a key part of our management effort is to be in constant touch with our customers. Our organization and delivery systems are designed to ensure that this is built into our way of being.


To be the finest provider of food products in India.


To adopt the best international practices of procurement, processing, and packaging of wheat products. Combined with the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness.

P mark is one of the most sort after and trusted brands of flour available in the market today. This is due to decades of hard work and dedication. We have led the change in many aspects of the flour milling industry in India – particularly in procurement, technology adoption and distribution systems

Consistent change needs to be anchored in, and driven by, a strong set of shared values. These values were infused into the organizational culture by Shri Devidas Puri ji , and have endured and strengthened since then.