P mark History

In the year 1933 late Shree Devi Das Puri ji set up an oil mill and a flour mill at Moga, a small town in Punjab. The Business in pre independent India was difficult but with continuous struggle and fair business dealings the small family business flourished. On account of purity of the product produced there was a great demand for the oil. Devi Das Puri ji was joined by his other sons and the family business grew.

The products of the company were sold to various locations in India including Lahore, Sialkot and Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) where offices of the company were established. The principles of the business were based on sound and ethical value systems. The trade name was chosen symbolising Purity of both the product and business dealing.

The flour business was discontinued by late Shri Devi Das Puri ji as he refused to accept profits that came from sufferings of common people during the 1943-44 famine. Post partition P Mark edible oil became a house hold name across India. By 1980s the green revolution had changed the agriculture. India had become self sufficient in food products and family decided to revive the wheat flour business since the products was sold through common market channels. A flour mill was set up in 1981 at Bari Brahamana Jammu and has continued to produce and sell its products with the same value system of our erstwhile founders.