How We Produce The Best Quality Flour

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Cereals &
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In last forty years more than 200 varieties of wheat have been released for cultivation. To get the top quality chakki aata/wheat products we need the best quality of wheat.This can be daunting task. We at PBI have been working with wheat since 1980. Since then we have gained extensive knowledge on the subject. Our highly skilled team is able to promptly and accurately identify the wheat. We are able to do this because we have the latest wheat testing equipment.Thus the wheat is thoroughly checked for damage such as rain damage, infestation, grittiness, insects,fungus infection, dirt, plant debris, damage due to saprophytes and other impurities. Some of our customers require specific kind of wheat and we are equipped to select wheat accordingly.

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/ cleaning
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Impurities in wheat are cleaned using the most modern machines available in the market with high efficiency and accuracy. Not only do we separate the damaged particles we also clean the wheat thoroughly. Food safety is one of our prime most objectives. Our company is continuously strives to keep ahead of the ever increasing food safety standards.

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We use state of the art flour processing technology. We use latest machinery with high efficiency, reducing our downtime so that you never have to worry about your product being delayed. We have maximum flexibility enabling us to change our products to suit our customers requirements to the last specification. Excellent Sanitation and product safety. To give you an example we are using the latest steel plansifters that use metal sieve frames, which are being used by top manufactures of USA and Europe ensuing world-class sanitation of flour in the market. Whereas, old and local Flour Mills use wooden plansifters which are harder to clean and prone to infection which is a big hygiene concern as they prey to insects.

Step 04
& Packing
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Every bag filled in our factory is packed using fully automated bagging system making it free of human touch and foreign contamination. Sometimes customers requires to mix mineral and vitamins. These need to be put using high precision instruments. Our company has high precision micro feeders to meet these requirements. Fully Automated Outstanding Accuracy Centrally controlled to check all parameters Micro feeders to ensure accurate flour enhancers.

Step 05
Quality Testing
& Dispatch
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We have no room for a compromise when it comes to food safety & quality. Nav Bharat Flour Mills has a highly advanced and fully equipped food testing laboratory setup with the technical assistance of CFTRI, Mysore. The laboratory monitors the quality of raw material and finished products to ensure highest level of food standards. Unparalleled and Uncompromising Quality. Every lot is thoroughly checked for assured reliability.

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