Baker’s Dozen – History and True Essence

Posted On Wednesday,August 09th,2017

‘Baker’s Dozen’ can be related to giving more to bring a smile on people’s faces. Giving 13 instead of 12 in a dozen by bakers to their customers is an age old practice but many don’t know the story that leads to this custom.

Back in the ages, bakers were obliged to market their products by the dozen at a determined weight which was set by the government. It was extremely difficult for any baker to produce a piece of bread that could match up to the specified weight. If any baker was found selling bread or any product less than the weight or quantity, they had to pay a heavy fine or they were sent to jail. In order to stay out of trouble, bakers started giving an extra unit to their customers while selling a dozen. This became a practice and every baker started giving 13 units to compensate for any difference in the weight or quality of the bread.  Bread used to be a primary element in any meal or primary source of food, so there were different rules and punishments in different parts of the world for cheating the consumers.

Some harsh and cruel penalties that were practiced around the world in old days even included physical tortures. In Babylon, any baker selling a low quality or lightweight bread was punished by chopping his hands off. Back in the old period in Egypt, if a baker was caught cheating a customer his/her ears were chopped off and were nailed to their bakery’s gate to spread the news. With time things changed but bakers were still in trouble and had to deal safely while selling baked goods.

P Mark spread the new meaning and feeling of the phrase ‘Baker’s Dozen’ with their products coming out of their flour mill which are made with love. The founder of PMark Industries Shree Devi Das Puri Ji always believed in giving the best quality to people with love and never worried about money or revenue. Even today P Mark is working with same intention of serving customers the best quality and quantity, thereby spreading joy in the world.

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